From the bottom of our heart

Farmhouse inn in Villandro

Where nature becomes an experience and a product

The managers of the Tschott farmhouse inn

The Kainzwaldner family is especially proud of its new “Tschott” establishment. We are happy to have you as our guests and look forward to seeing you soon.


Hans he is the wood carpenter and he works on his own in his workshop located in the small business area of Villandro. In addition to his job, he dedicates many hours to our fields, where there is always the need for a helping hand.


Anni she is the soul of the house and will always welcome you with joy. She is at your service at any time for suggestions and solutions. If she isn’t in the house, you will find her in the fields, sowing or planting, according to season, or proudly harvesting the fruits of our labour. Naturally, Anni also works in the kitchen where she processes the produce of the farm.


Simon he is a professional bobsled champion and isn’t home much in winter. In Summer, though, he is often found working in the fields with his father Hans.


Miriam she goes to the University of Verona and is highly dedicated to her studies. In her free time she plays the violin and in summer goes picking wild berries that her mother Anni then transforms into delicious jams and syrups.


We all live in and for nature, and we feel strongly about preserving and developing the environment. With farsightedness, we wish to open new horizons, while remaining linked to our farming traditions. In the course of our daily family reunions, during the typical ‘merenda’ (snack time), we exchange and discuss new ideas, because every decision must be shared by the whole family.

With great dedication and joy, we strive to make your hard-earned vacations as pleasant as possible, because we love to create a family atmosphere.

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